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Quality of Care – QOF Assessment

We are very pleased to announce the surgery has achieved a quality score of over 90% on the 2023/24 annual QOF assessment.


QOF is the annual standardised, prevalence-weighted analysis of all of our medical services activity, against targets and in comparison to other practices. There are many domains that are assessed, and of the 635 points available in 3 grouped domains of clinical indicators, public health and quality improvement, we scored 578.78 (91.14%).


Thank you to all of our staff for their hard work in achieving this, just 6 months into the Hill Surgery merger.


For patients, this year we will be following our usual structured recall system for annual reviews, please book your blood tests when texted with the appointment links if you have a smart phone that allows for this, for those that cannot access this, you will be called to arrange booking. Due to the changes to general practice contracts and the overwhelming demand for appointments, simple reviews for those who are within their treatment targets may be conducted remotely, to allow for the reduced resource we currently have access to in this financial year, to be devoted to the more complex issues.