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About our PPG

What is the PPG?

The PPG is a group of individuals who are all patients at the surgery and are interested in maintaining and improving the service all patients receive.

It’s purpose is to represent the patients and work with the doctors and staff to make sure your views are heard and your suggestions considered.
The following documents contain further details about the group:

PPG Constitution & Terms of Reference
PPG Purpose and Protocols
PPG Confidentiality and Conflict Policy

How to contact the PPG

The PPG can be contacted through the surgery website.
If you wish to join please see Join Our PPG

How will you be kept informed?

You can read about any issues that are brought to the attention of the PPG on the website or on the surgery boards.

How will your views be passed on?

The PPG holds regular meetings with staff at the surgery, where they can discuss points on your behalf. The minutes are circulated to all members of the group and a summary is displayed on the Surgery notice board. The full minutes are on the website.

What can you do?

You could consider joining the group. See details on joining the group here or in the surgery.

Some members give their views exclusively via email.

Others meet for about an hour and a half, every month or two.

Maybe you have a particular interest, such as the services for pregnant mums, children, people with certain illnesses, older people or people who work.

Perhaps you have skills that could help the group to represent the patients.

We would love to hear from you and tell you more about how you could help us to help the patients and staff at The Hill Surgery. If you would like to find out more about PPGs in general, please go to

PPG meetings

PPG Meetings are currently held virtually.

The next online meeting is 24th of May 2024


22nd April 2024

18th March 2024

Date published: 6th March, 2020
Date last updated: 7th June, 2024